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Important Note: To book a unit at Royalgreen, remember to call up +65 6100 8717 to tentatively reserve your choice unit before coming down to the show flat in order to avoid disappointment. Units are selling quickly and availability is based on first come first serve basis. You will get Direct Developer Price with no commission/fee required to be paid. If you wish to visit the show flat first before making a decision, kindly Schedule An Appointment Here.

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LAST UPDATED: 2nd April 2023

Royalgreen Balance Unit Chart 21022023

Disclaimer: The Balance Units Chart listed here are for reference purposes only. Unit availability is subject to change from time to time without prior notice. This webpage cannot be held responsible for any omissions, inaccuracies and/or dispute.

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19/02/2023 #04-18 – 2 BEDROOM Sold!

11/02/2023 #02-21 – 2 BEDROOM Sold!

25/01/2023 #05-54 – 2 BEDROOM Sold!

20/01/2023 #01-13 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

13/01/2023 #01-58 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

01/01/2023 #04-10 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

01/12/2022 #01-50 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

07/12/2022 #05-03 – 2 BEDROOM Sold!

06/11/2022 #05-09 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

18/11/2022 ##02-16 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

06/11/2022 ##01-27 – 3 BEDROOM Sold!

02/11/2022 ##04-18 – 2 BEDROOM Sold!

02/11/2022 #02-13 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

27/10/2022 #05-45 – 3 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

21/10/2022 #04-16 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

20/10/2022 #03-13 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

18/10/2022 #01-19 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

12/10/2022 #01-43 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

10/10/2022 #01-09 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

04/10/2022 #02-20 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

30/09/2022 #05-04 – 2 BEDROOM Sold!

30/09/2022 #02-10 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

30/09/2022 #05-01 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

23/09/2022 #01-51 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

23/09/2022 #05-19 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

23/09/2022 #01-18 – 4 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

19/09/2022 #05-34 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

18/09/2022 #02-18 – 2 BEDROOM Sold!

18/09/2022 #01-18 – 4 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

12/09/2022 #02-26 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

11/09/2022 #02-03 – 2 BEDROOM Sold!

10/09/2022 #01-42 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

07/09/2022 #01-44 – 3 BEDROOM Sold!

27/08/2022 #01-01 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

26/08/2022 #01-23 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

23/08/2022 #02-04 – 2 BEDROOM Sold!

17/08/2022 #05-05 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

15/08/2022 #01-25 – 3 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

12/08/2022 #01-41 – 3 BEDROOM Sold!

07/08/2022 #03-18 – 2 BEDROOM Sold!

02/08/2022 #04-19 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

30/07/2022 #03-20 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

30/07/2022 #02-51 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

18/07/2022 #01-20 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

15/07/2022 #01-52 – 3 BEDROOM Sold!

15/06/2022 #04-26 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

14/06/2022 #03-19 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

14/06/2022 #05-07 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

13/06/2022 #03-16 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

08/06/2022 #04-20 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

03/06/2022 #05-26 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

27/05/2022 #01-49 – 3 BEDROOM Sold!

26/05/2022 #02-43 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

22/05/2022 #04-13 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

13/05/2022 #02-19 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

09/05/2022 #02-52 – 3 BEDROOM Sold!

28/04/2022 #02-58 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

28/04/2022 #05-57 – 2 BEDROOM Sold!

28/04/2022 #01-26 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

26/04/2022 #05-10 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

15/04/2022 #01-37 – 3 BEDROOM Sold!

07/04/2022 #05-42 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

07/04/2022 #05-47 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

07/04/2022 #01-31 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

01/04/2022 #01-52 – 3 BEDROOM Sold!

30/03/2022 #05-35 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

29/03/2022 #01-34 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

25/03/2022 #05-16 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

23/03/2022 #02-39 – 2 BEDROOM Sold!

23/03/2022 #05-51 – 2 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

14/03/2022 #02-49 – 3 BEDROOM Sold!

13/03/2022 #02-44 – 3 BEDROOM Sold!

08/03/2022 #05-55 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

06/03/2022 #01-55 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

05/03/2022 #01-56 – 3 BEDROOM Sold!

23/02/2022 #04-44 – 3 BEDROOM Sold!

31/01/2022 #02-25 – 3 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

24/01/2022 #01-48 – 3 BEDROOM Sold!

23/01/2022 #04-25 – 3 BEDROOM + STUDY Sold!

12/01/2022 #03-44 – 3 BEDROOM Sold!

11/01/2022 #02-54 – 2 BEDROOM Sold!

11/01/2022 #02-42 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

02/01/2022 #01-35 – 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM Sold!

***Displaying recently sold units only***

Always yours, always green, and foreverlasting.Al natural Homes is content to present the Royalgreen , Juniper Mountain, and Next Avenue Residences Bukit Timah Collection. The very best of District 10 residing in Bukit Timah is captured in this collection, which has been cautiously chosen.

Pleasant home.
Go back to the attractive Royalgreen as day provides method to night.

You will find 285 charming freehold homes on Anamalai Avenue, that will be near Bukit Timah Path in upscale Region 10. The affluent residential area is surrounded by low-rise private homes. Neighbors is seen jogging in the evening or strolling their well-cared-for dogs while benefiting from the lavish, tranquil surroundings.

The Doorway
The reception is designed to appear to be a swanky resort drop-off.

Pressure is rapidly treated by the tranquilizing sounds of lapping water.

By framing a verdant world of lush vegetables, the patio attracts you into a private haven of luxurious in the natural world.

A forest bath.
The environmental surroundings and the north-south direction of the Royalgreen blocks provide an environment of tranquility. Pockets of mild filtration through the lavish canopy of the young forest trees to the seems of singing birds and rustling leaves. For a much-needed break, it includes the right environment.

50 michael Lap Pool
A full-length, 50-meter lap pool with turquoise, sparkling water acts as the center of attention for the small complex. The human body of water, which has a split up kiddie pool and spa share, radiates calmness and serenity and offers breathtaking opinions of the five-story houses, which are generously spaced apart.

Center for Wellness
The clubhouse’s adjoining gym offers unimpeded views of the extravagant pools and the lovely surroundings. In that environment, your body and mind are relaxed, and the whole being is in harmony.

As sunlight pieces and the environment come alive, Eating Pavilion Royalgreen features a magical atmosphere. The experience seems far despite being so near the city. Appreciate the simple delights of being at house while unwinding with a vintage cabernet and hanging out along with your loved ones.

Environment of Peace
Wonderful views of the nearby Excellent School Bungalow neighborhoods is found from the rooftop terrace, that will be protected in vegetation.

There are amenities on top level in addition to the very first level, including a golf court, a gourmet pavilion, and a good hammock yard where you could unwind in the new air.

King Albert Park Boulevard Six and The Grandstand in Bukit Area Country Membership Large School in Singapore’s The Nanyang Girls’ National Raffles Girls’ MRT Section Primary School Pot Guthrie University: Expressway Home Seat Club at Bukit Timah and MacRitchie in Hwa Chong (PIE) Bishan Johns Hopkins Previous Jurong Street Communication Timah Sixth Avenue Bukit S. Korean Character Hold International School MRT The Chatsworth International College Reservoir is just a five-minute go from the British Membership Holland School. The Swiss Team of L. MacRitchie at Tan Kah Kee Swiss College Saddle Club for Beauty in Bukit Timah, M ROA D MRT stop #1 Singapore Area Botanic Gardens World State Club of Splendor is really a stop for the MRT Point 2. (Interchange to Group Line) The following stops are offered by the LORNIE ROAD MRT 4: the intersection of the Thomson-East Coast Point at PA Braddell, N Bukit Timah, IS Plaza, and LA Block D, Newton Nyoh Eng (Interchange to North South Line) The Bukit Timah SW Gear of Renowned Training for Master Albert Park is located along DUNEARN ROAD and contains the EX Caldecott P Market and RES Food Center. Greenwood, Bukit Brown Nanyang’s BUKIT TIMAH ROAD (rong 1 Toa G PI o E) Girls’ High College zero kilometers at the intersection of Ngee Ann Methodist Avenue and Toa Payoh Polytechnic Girls’ School (Primary/Secondary) 1.1 km National Junior School and Singapore Avenue Large School, Purple Oon Sixth Nanyang Girls’ michael Hwa Chong Institution 1,1 kilometers Methodist Girls’ School, National Junior School Road, Main and Extra 1,2 kilometers Guthrie, the Japanese Major School’s Swiss School for Raffles Girls Sixth Avenue Last Avenue College is 1.3 kilometers from the House of Firm A Page1=46 Raffles Girls’ Major School in Singapore. T EN Club 1,6 kilometers Odyssey course at Hwa Chong Global School of Singapore, 1.7 kilometers The Pan-Island Expressway Company Page1=46 Raffles Institution Food Center, Adam Street Catholic Toddler, Tan Kah Kee Main College in Nanyang, CLEM St. Joseph’s, Early College Major School in James Park is situated 1.9 km out, and Coronation Area Membership Searching Plaza is found 2.1 km away. 2.1 kilometers, Community Team Ngee Ann Polytechnic Junior University Cluny Judge Asian Serene Middle Clinic Botanic Yard Color Tock Seng Nanyang 22 kilometers Gardens Girls’ College, Coronation Road West, and the 2.2 km university at Bukit Timah St. Margaret’s Novena NDU College (Barker Road) Extra School B NDU are typical Anglo-Chinese institutions of larger learning. You can find 2.9 kilometers between Elizabeth E A Stevens and Page1=46 Singapore Polytechnic. 3 kilometers Bukit Timah Avenue, T N NUS Moulmein Institution RO Farrer St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese Campus at AH Timah Path Singapore Asian Girls’ School is located at 3.9 km from Henry Park PRIME D Road. One College (Private) District 10 is found 4.8 miles north of Balmoral Street and 4.0 kilometers from Anglo-Chinese Major School (Barker Road). TRAL EXPRESSWAY (CTE) Dtc Junior Character EN University luny Path Net, d C C mon Shangri-La venue 2, h KK Women’s, and Singapore Botanic Gardens Holland Community and School (Sec), a UNESCO World History Site, is located 2.6 kilometers from Singapore Children’s Clinic in Tanglin Newton. Advertising Polytechnic is found 2.6 kilometers from Bukit Timah Character Hold and M Town (a UNESCO Earth Heritage Site Path D n Club Food Middle Singapore). The Eating Solutions Membership H Anglo-Chinese Smaller India at The Anglo-Chinese American College for Juniors University of Buona Vista (Intl) Istana Guthrie, Napier Tanglin, and C. House by 0.2 kilometers 0.3 km southwest of Tanglin Town and the Dempsey Slope Mall is the Tanglin Path Place of Purple Oon, house to the Star Vista Orphanage in Singapore. 0.7 kilometers of the Main Stage The A Elizabeth Junior College elizabeth U Orchard Greenwood Avenue, Anglo-Chinese Q School, 1.3 km; The Anglo-Chinese Orchard Paragon (Independent) Market & Food Middle at Bukit Timah in Orchard Holland Village, 2.2 km, Ngee Ann Town Boulevard, Orc 313@ hectare The distance between Plaza School of South, United Earth Commonwealth Path, Kiminas Somerset North Buona Vista Road, and the Adam Street Food Middle is 2.3 kilometers. Path, Singapura East Asia One-north range, 2.4 km the Tanglin Village/Dempsey Slope place Newton Food Center, 3.3 km from Tanglin R. Somerset R. Bencoolen R. 5.5 kilometers, ORCHARD ROAD, Dhoby Ghaut SHOPPING BELT elizabeth Queenstown’s Lake of Singapore Park and Avenue kiminas National School dhge Sleep & Peace dtc Fort Canning a riding membership in Bukit Timah Great Earth Kent Form, 1.3 kilometers from Great Bukit Timah Plaza World Town Coronation Searching Plaza, distance 1.9 km Fort Canning Elegance Earth Center City Corridor is situated at 2.0 km. 2.2 kilometers to the Gan AgesSerene Center (Redhill Cluny Court) 24 kilometers 2.5 kilometers split up IKEA from Clarke GX d Kiminas u G Alexandra Street Quay. Singapore Area Place Club Havelock North and West Alexandra are divided by 2.7 kilometers. Situated on East Link Street is The Celebrity Vista. Hospital Z V is 2.8 kilometers from Kent Ridge Ymca Tiong Bahru to the Orchard Road Looking Belt. Industry Position, Raffles, and Chinatown Mews Minimal AY 10th Section of Telok Primary (Haw Level Villa AY Ayer Depot Elizabeth Roa) Ayerrajh Express

The ranges between Royalgreen and the given locations are all estimated ranges for Southern Singapore. 0M 100M 500M 1KM Quality colleges nearby in Outram Park and Hort Park Ridges Basic Hospital

Within 1 – 2 km Royalgreen is situated in the center of the well-known Bukit Timah academic corridor, within 1 km of Nanyang Girls’ Large School and within 2 km of Methodist Girls’ College (Primary & Secondary), National 7 Junior Col ege, Hwa Chong Institution, Raffles Girls’ Principal School, minutes’ walk minutes’ walk MRT stop, and Nanyang Main School. The Swiss School, the Hol andse College, Odyssey Nanyang Girls’ Hwa Chong National Raffles Girls’ Methodist Girls’ The Worldwide High College Institution Junior University Main School School (Pri/Sec), and the Singapore Korean Global College are only a several numerous different global colleges in the region.

All dimensions, of created from Royalgreen to the specified places, are just approximations.

There is greenery all around.
2019 URA Master Program Draft
One of Singapore’s most prestigious and well-known residential neighborhoods, Bukit Timah, will quickly undergo a green transformation with the construction of the Bukit Timah-Rochor Natural Corridor. This may include a 1.4 km increased linear park that’ll run over the Bukit Timah Canal, from Rifle Range Road to Sixth Avenue, only outside Royalgreen.

Between Bukit Timah and Rochor, there’s an raised Bukit Timah Railway Place Linear Park Green Corridor The starting expand of the 11-kilometer greenway, known as the distinguished Bukit Timah Railway The green corridor, which may also be became a corridor, will give you use of Singapore’s three national gardens from Bukit Timah. The 1.4 km extended Singapore Botanic Gardens, Gardens Orchard, elevated linear park that will compete with By the Bay, and Jurong Sea Gardens can all be developed. There may also be a garden. a festival garden, old galleries, and New York’s distinguished High Line. You will find eateries along this 11-kilometer section. It will provide a ton of possibilities for cyclists and pedestrians as well as more recreational choices for individuals and tourists to discover and spend quality time in nature.

the island’s geological past.

First on the record is Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Pan I Weapon Selection, the expressway, and Character Park Avenue. ay WORLD (PIE) BEAUTY Boulevard 2 ALBERT Eng D; 4 TAN; 3 KAH KEE; 5 BOTANIC GARDENS; Bukit KING Timah PARK Sixth Avenue, #1 The Singapore Botanic Gardens The map’s range is not indicated. Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority of the Orchid Yard Story Royalgreen Current 1 4 Future Park 2 Elevated Linear Park, Bukit Timah Railway Station, Holland Basic Waterbody Potential Green Corridor MRT Station 3 Green Corridor from Bukit Timah to Rochor 5 Track Corridor A Contemporary, Practical Means of Life The upscale however friendly atmosphere of Bukit Timah causes it to be a well-known neighborhood. Exemplary food establishments and amenities for day-to-day needs is found for miles about the best location. In reality, Royalgreen Guthrie was a Greenwood. Just a couple of minutes’ drive from Bukit Timah The Sixth Avenue’s friend, Holland Adam Street, presents many different local specialties and the well-known Food Centre’s global cuisine.
All proportions, of made from Royalgreen to the selected locations, are only approximations.

All-round Supply 5 2 3 4 10 18 moments of walking MRT suspends operations Operating Gardens on Sixth Avenue for a few moments, the MRT stops Equally individual transportation and community transportation are convenient for achieving Stevens Newton Orchard Road Main Business Royalgreen.

Stop Train Section
Metro Stop
Section of Sixth Avenue Buying Middle MRT Section A short train trip will take you to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the Marina Bay Economic Middle, and the Newton MRT Interchange from the MRT Station, which will be reachable via the interchange to the range point, the north south line, the interchange to the range range, and the interchange to the Thomson-East Shore line.

All measurements, of produced from Royalgreen to the selected locations, are only approximations.

The PIE and Orchard Road are generally conveniently situated for drivers.

Cases are limited by only opulent locations.
The practical floor ideas of the two to 4 bedroom condos at Royalgreen may be altered to generally meet your adjusting needs. Views of the regional vegetation is visible from the ample parts, which are very mild and airy.

Lily Avenue amenities A Various Top 0 10 20 50M 11 Cover Deck, Arrival Lay No. Reflexology Press, 11 t’s, Artis, 6, BBQ Pavilion Backyard Hammock vs. Terrace, 19 Ventilation from the Base in the GH Protect House 7 By the Pool Forest Grove Courtyard No. 2 Children’s Share Mediation and 15 B.C. Package Middle BM CB Meter, mass meter Bobbleheadwater Clubhouse, Key Green, 3 8 Exercise Area with Outdoor Room 13-16 SS GS Genset elizabeth Gymnasium at Swing 21 Sub-station Tennis Court Recreational #4 Perform #9 #17 WT a Function Space Water Storage Celebration Transformer PG1 TR, Reading, and Adjusting Areas 50-meter laps with interior water in the playground at Pedestrian Entrance N, five A1720-00028-2017-BP02, Gourmet N Link, old 06-06-2019. Circulation Model Form Monitor Common Annexed with Permission Without being stated exclusively, the retractable slipping section does not buy installment costs. Shopper A innovative, cautiously picked product palette creates sophisticated interiors. As the living room and dining part of the Royalgreen have marble surfaces, the bedrooms have timber floors. Fittings Kitchen items – Top features of Smart Houses Items Control Intercom Lock for a Field Collection Smoke Electric Environment Control Centre
It’ll have wireless capabilities. Air conditioners “AC” get a handle on all fan curls within responsible produce measures with third party seller giving one-time startup relationship use ACs; interact separate internet service service membership if ideal; even doesn’t plan to arrange design manufacturer design technology. Selection of sellers and industry availability for the “wireless hub” for smart homes.

The designer is Sky Prime Investments Pte Ltd, and its developer’s certificate number is UEN: 201311463R.

A land mortgage in support of United Offshore Bank Restricted is attached by C1300 Area Property Tenure in Cost Simple (Freehold) Ton 04954N MK 04 at Anamalai Avenue, Bukit Timah Road, and Lily Avenue.
December 31, 2022 may be the expected day of vacancy.
The expected time of appropriate completion is December 31, 2025.

Region 10 in primary

Even though owner and its agent(s) took all reasonable actions to ensure the reliability of the brochure, they’re perhaps not in charge of any problems or omissions. Nothing of the statements must be considered as declarations or representations of fact, even though they’re thought to be accurate. Visible representations such as for instance designs, images, pictures, pictures, artwork renderings, and visual representations shouldn’t be used as factual representations but alternatively as creative impressions. In the absence of the outcome of a final review, all measurements, including ground areas, are estimates. Any data, plans, specifications, or aesthetic illustration may need or be at the mercy of version after printing at the discretion of the seller and/or the appropriate authorities. Any states or representations, whether made in this brochure, by the vendor’s agent(s), or in every other fashion, shan’t by any means change the terms of the Purchase and Purchase Agreement, which will offer as the entire contract between the vendor and the buyer. Owner reserves the best to change any percentage of the framework, housing task, growth, and/or any model before it is finished, subject to recommendations from or agreement from the relevant authorities.

The Royalgreen Condo’s description

On Singapore’s Anamailai Avenue, just off Bukit Timah Road, the lately created Royalgreen is really a freehold residential condominium. Given this one of Singapore’s most reputable developers, Allgreen Properties, developed Royal Natural Property, people can expect a clean quality well-constructed home, worth their outstanding address. Royalgreen is among the three exceptional structures in the Bukit Timah Residential Enclave that produce up the Bukit Timah Collection by Allgreen, alongside Juniper Hill and Fourth Avenue Residences.

Royalgreen Condo, a high-end freehold condo near Sixth Avenue MRT

The 8 5-story blocks that make up the Royalgreen Development contain a complete of 285 residential apartments. Both on the initial ground and the Ceiling Terrace, there are lots of condominium amenities accessible. Some of the amenities which are offered to everyone incorporate a 50m panel pool, Forest Grove Courtyard, Kids’ Playground, BBQ Pavilion, Clubhouse with Function Space, Studying Space, Gym and Celebration Terrace, Golf Judge, and Reflexology Deck.

With a good collection of floorplan layouts available, including 2 Bedroom apartments to 4 Bedroom Advanced Devices, there are great houses for every family. There are also apartments with views of a pool and of a forest.

In the biggest market of Bukit Timah, Singapore’s most sought-after residential community, The Royalgreen Condominium loves a fascinating location. Consequently of their freehold tenure and close closeness to the Sixth Avenue MRT Section, residents may possibly enjoy unmatched connectivity while also causing a heritage for potential generations. Expressways and significant arterial roads like Bukit Timah Street, Farrer Path, and Clementi Street offer outstanding use of the progress (CTE, PIE and BKE).

Nearly all top-notch colleges are only some MRT prevents away, ensuring kids’ safety and ease of access. One of the greatest schools in Singapore for long-term family planning and house is Methodist Girls’ Main School, followed closely by Raffles Girls’ Principal College, Nanyang Main College, Nanyang Girls’ High School, Methodist Girls’ Extra College, Hwa Chong Institution, Hwa Chong Junior University, and National Junior College.

The Royalgreen Project’s value is reasonable. That development presents good value due to the connection with seasoned builder Allgreen and the usage of premium fittings like Hansgrohe / Laufen Sanitary Items & Accessories and Miele / DeDietrich Appliances.

Evaluation by the Manager Having its outstanding place, low-density housing, shut vicinity to an MRT place, and top-rated colleges, Royalgreen gives the perfect harmony between a premium spot and an acceptable price. Royal Green presents seclusion and is close to Bukit Timah Character Arrange and Singapore Botanic Gardens as well as being in the center of Singapore’s most prestigious residential neighborhood. For a household that is expanding, The Royalgreen Property is the perfect home.

particulars regarding the Royalgreen Condo Challenge
District 10 is Royalgreen’s. Work Subject
The author of the home is Atmosphere Top Investments Pte.
Area: 2-6B Anamalai Avenue
Freehold website section of 15,897.07 sq yards or 171,116.06 square legs
One kind of growth is a private condominium.
Number of Residential Devices: 285
You can find 8 prevents of basement-level, five-story apartment buildings for residents. Carpark
3 accessible places are one of the 285 parking spaces.
14.1 plan relation
ADDP Architects LLP is the style firm.
Landscape custom Woh Hup (Private) Confined, a subsidiary of Tinderbox Pte Ltd., is the key contractor.
Legislation practices Lee & Lee concentrate in conveyance.
On the list of amenities are a 50-meter lap pool, a children’s playground, a nielsthomas1 pool, a club, a function space, a gym, a party space, a golf judge, and premium and garden pavilions.
Atmosphere Top Opportunities Pte. Ltd. task consideration number 451-308-911-7 C1300 Developer’s Certificate released by United Overseas Bank Limited.
2019 December 31 may be the predicted TOP date.
December 31, 2019 may be the expected date of legitimate completion.

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